Confession Time

June 13, 2007

I’m a feminist. I think women deserve equal political and social rights, equal access to the same jobs as men if they want them, and equal pay for the work they do. If that doesn’t sound extraordinary, then maybe you’re a feminist too.

This is a video of men being asked on the street what they think of feminists. It’s rather sad, but watch it for the best two answers–the last two. One guy uses the Bible to justify men being the head of women, and his wife’s reaction is absolutely priceless.

As with many types of injustice, it really took traveling outside my own country, especially in Africa, to realize the problems we have here. The interpersonal, social, and economic conditions for women abroad are often much lower than even in the American South, but that certainly doesn’t mean things are perfect here.

I think overall the name’s gotten a bad rap, so I go out of my way to describe myself as a feminist, which usually raises interesting questions. So, do you know a feminist? If so, thank s/he for being who they are.

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Spong’s Christianity

January 14, 2007


A while back, maybe it was last summer, my friend Jimmy let me borrow Bishop Spong’s A New Christianity for a New World. I enjoyed the read, but was disappointed in the end. Spong does a great job of deconstructing much of ‘orthodoxy’; he’s very clear when he states that many traditional Christian doctrines make no sense given our current understanding of the universe. But Spong is not nearly as good an architect as he is deconstructionist. Or rather, he builds a very lovely mix between a public library and a public park–very learned, well-lit, and comforting–but calls it a cathedral.

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What is Beauty?

December 22, 2006

The evolution of a woman (short and worth your time):

So, what is beauty?

(h/t Paul Kurtz)

Update: Italy passes law to fatten up models (sort of).

The Divine Gender

December 19, 2006


Over at Liberal Jesus, Matthew posted about Calling God ‘He.’ I’ve heard at least a few discussions of this in my short lifetime, growing up around a community of theology addicts. Matthew more or less skips right to the practical concerns of what to call God, because the problems with an exclusively male God are seem clear to him.

“I consoled myself with the thought that this isn’t often an explicit theology: most conservative Christian churches probably hold that God is neither exclusively male nor exclusively female. The problem this presents is that the language most of these churches use to refer to God is exclusively male. And language matters. Because our language is currently at odds with our theology, we need to change one or the other.”

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