Credit Where It’s Due

What will be Bush’s greatest positive legacy? I think PEPFAR is a likely candidate, despite its flaws. I can’t think of any other program initiated by Bush that has helped so many people.

One Response to Credit Where It’s Due

  1. Bree says:

    This is an interesting question to raise, and if pressed to give a program, I might name the same one.

    However, I think PEPFAR has been overly constrained (and a large portion of the funding was delayed for years) and I imagine another president would have introduced an equally good or better program.

    I do think there’s something (good) to be said about Bush’s relationship with the subcontinent, but the unrelenting cynic in me says that is noteworthy only because previous presidents have so thoroughly ignored Africa.

    I think I might also be able to sum up some nice remarks about the 2007 immigration bill. It can’t be a legacy because it didn’t pass, but maybe that was the seachange.

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