The National Treasure is Biting My Leg

Quote of the day:

My son and I were playing with a panda doll, throwing it to each other, when I dropped with the toy” into the pen, Zhang said.

The barrier around the pen is about 5 feet tall, but on the other side is a drop of 9 to 10 feet, and Zhang says he could not climb out.

That’s when Gu Gu went on the attack.

The 240-pound giant panda sunk his teeth into Zhang’s left leg before moving on to the right leg.

“The panda is a national treasure, and I love and respect [him], so I didn’t fight back,”
Zhang said. “The panda didn’t let go until it chewed up my leg and its mouth was dripping with my blood.”

2 Responses to The National Treasure is Biting My Leg

  1. sandy valencour says:

    Are these people just stupid. They should be bitten and hard. He showed his son how irresponsible he is. This animal is still an animal and will protect his area. Biting people 3 time does not make this animal a meat eater for crying out loud. They all were just plain stupid stupid stupid

  2. Teddy Feher says:

    I agree – these people are idiots! One of them was drunk… at the zoo?? Could he not think of a better place to get sloshed? And one was 15 and described as a “boy”, I don’t think of anyone who is a sophomore in high school and one year away from being able to operate a motor vehicle as a “boy” or “child.” He was well aware of what he was doing when he tried “to get a closer look.”

    The panda is an animal and has every right to attack. I’m glad there’s no 3 strike rule working against him, and I’m glad that charges may be filed against the intruder(s). Additionally perhaps the zoo should look into heightening the barrier security to avoid a 4th waste of the media’s time.

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