I’m hoping to get up to Potter, NY on the Fourth of July weekend to attend Large and Dangerous Rocket Ships (LDRS) 28, one of the biggest annual launches in the world.

I’ll probably fly one or two rockets of my own, but mostly go to see the big projects, such as a 3/4 scale Patriot Missile Dan Michael is flying.

But LDRS isn’t really dangerous, though the rockets are large. But the really crazy stuff is flown at BALLS in the Black Rock desert, a launch that I hope to one day attend. Here’s the press release, and two of my favorite excerpts:

As a demonstration launch of experimental motors and airframes designed using the top technologies in the field, this is a venue for projects that are not flown publicly because of safety and legal restrictions. Here you will find large rockets that utilize complex clustering or staging techniques, metal construction, and home-brewed propulsion systems.

Because of the nature of activities children are discouraged. It is nearly impossible to concentrate on a large potentially dangerous project and watch your child at the same time. No children will be allowed.

Not “bringing children is discouraged”–“children are discouraged.”

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