Saying “Push” in Mandarin

So now that I’ve got that whole college thing out of the way, I can finally start cleaning, sorting, and packing for the big road trip to the new home ahead, and doing more reading. Lord of the Flies (which I had never read) is first on the list. And a whole bunch of stuff from the New York Times. Like this one:

Over the following months, Dr. Gregorius learned many things, including how to deliver babies while saying “push!” in Cantonese, Mandarin, Russian and several languages he had never heard of. He learned that Chinese people brought babies into the pediatric E.R. between 11 p.m. and midnight, apparently after restaurants closed, that Pakistani babies showed up between 3 and 5 a.m., when cabdrivers changed shifts, and Hasidic babies seemed to arrive at 10 p.m., for reasons no one could explain. He knew it seemed like stereotyping, but that’s when a sudden rush of sick babies would arrive each night.

One Response to Saying “Push” in Mandarin

  1. Ian says:

    If you like Lord of the Flies, you may want to check out The Coral Island by R.M. Ballantyne. It’s the book on which Lord of the Flies was based. I just wrote a paper on it, so I’m a bit biased. It’s a bit long and terribly racist/sexist/Imperialist. I hope you enjoy.

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