The Hill

I’m sure it’ll get old very quickly, but there’s a new Stuff White People Like rip-off, it’s Stuff Hill People Like. That’s right, in case working on Capitol Hill doesn’t make one busy enough already, now there’s a blog about it.

The things Hill people like so far?

1. Business cards
2. Interns
3. The West Wing
4. Gchat
5. Recess
6. Their Parents’ Money
7. Blackberries

As a former Hill intern, I liked this quote from the Interns post:

An intern’s “official” function is to do the mail, answer the phones, and give tours to constituents. When interns aren’t around, these are all things Staff Assistants are made to do, so Hill People love interns because interns are essentially everyone’s bitch. Plus, when you’re fresh out of an Ivy League college and working a job a dyslexic six-year-old could probably do, you really need to degrade and humiliate an intern every few hours to remember how super awesome you are.

Now I’m gonna go watch another West Wing episode . . .

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