Powerful Imagery

What can you do for human rights with a degree in graphic design?

beijing 2008

Of course, people from all academic backgrounds are welcome and encouraged (by me at least) to join the protests today in San Francisco.

h/t David

3 Responses to Powerful Imagery

  1. Bree says:

    I think it’s interesting how two very different sides seem to be pushing for American support for the Beijing Olympics. Overall, I think US support is driven by the fact that rightly or wrongly, we are too afraid of what China could ‘do’ to us to worry about what China is doing to itself. While I have no doubt some people who argue the more liberal cultural relativism/diplomatic engagement argument are sincere, I think in general this has become more of a cloak for the strategic argument.

  2. globalizati says:

    I think I follow, but could you be a little more explicit in what you mean by the two groups that are pushing for American support?

  3. Bree says:

    Among academics and policy makers, I think people who come from a fairly conservative strategic studies background (for instance, the people who advised Bush to promise to attend) have pushed for American support of the Beijing Olympics alongside some regional experts and cultural relativists (or people who see it in a post colonial theory frame). I probably should have said two trends rather than two groups.

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