I’ll Make You An Offer…

karl rove nose

I got this email the other day, but I’m not sure how I ended up on their mailing list. Maybe it’s because I attend Christian U. Maybe it’s because I’m involved on campus. But they definitely didn’t screen their recipients very well:

Would you, or someone you know, like a successful career as a conservative activist?

Let me think about it.

. . .


. . .


…Each fall, I carefully select the most promising young conservative activists to be field representatives for my [random Conservative Organization I’d prefer not to lend free publicity too]. Field representatives receive 2 weeks of intensive training at my headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, plus generous compensation that allows them to spend 3 months on the ground, honing their political skills and preparing for a lifetime of leadership.

Those selected will help conservative students break the left-wing monopoly on college campuses.

(Like my school, evidently.)

Currently, the [Conservative Org] has 1,015 active conservative student groups in our campus leadership program. Our fall 2008 field representatives will organize hundreds more. If you become a field representative, your journey will take you to colleges in one of at least 80 territories covering all 50 states. Once there, you will locate conservative students, help them organize, and connect them to the resources of the conservative movement. While your leadership abilities increase, you will raise up the next generation of conservative leaders….

The pay is generous. The experience is priceless. Through the generosity of our donors, field representatives receive $15,000 in salary and expense stipend for the three month program. Leadership Institute field representatives also receive a top-of-the-line laptop computer which they keep upon completion of my program.

[Globalizati], opportunities for full-time, paid jobs fighting for your beliefs do not come along very often.

So true, too bad this one doesn’t count either. This whole thing kind of scares me. Given the quality of a recently released conservatives-only publication I had the pleasure of reading, the idea that one can get full-time funding to advance those ideas is frightening.

Used to be you had to work a few years exploiting poor people before you got to move into conservative politics. I feel like this next generation of activists is missing out on this vital part of their conservative careers.

8 Responses to I’ll Make You An Offer…

  1. You didn’t think that the Exemplar was a quality publication?

  2. globalizati says:

    It could have been much worse. I think it is a quality publication in the sense that it lacks the typos of the Bison, has interesting content, etc. However, the articles themselves were mostly (with a few thoughtful articles as exceptions) so full of logical fallacies that I think I’ll have to pull out my Latin dictionary to write an honest response. I’ve been meaning to post on some of the articles, but just haven’t gotten to it yet. What did you think?

  3. Generally the same sorts of criticism. The Exemplar suffers from extremely unimaginative content, overly simplistic arguments, and lots of logical fallacies. It has fewer grammatical mistakes (but that is hardly the most important thing in any piece of writing), but the level of writing is much much lower than a typical Bison article. If it is true that this group couldn’t get published in the Bison, I can certainly see why.

    But more than any of these specific criticisms, I find the whole premise of this paper’s existance to be laughable. Really? Conservatism is not being heard at HU? Ha…

  4. JH says:

    Really? Conservatism is not being heard at HU? Ha…

    Have you ever heard anyone complain that there’s no White History Month? Or that there’s no White Entertainment cable channel? It’s sort of the same kind of thing. These are the kind of people who are constitutionally incapable of thinking from the perspective of a minority group, so they don’t recognize that whiteness (or in this particular case, conservatism) pervades the very atmosphere, and is in no way in need of special months, channels, etc.

  5. relyingonintellect says:

    $15k for three months of work? I would so sell out my political ideals for that. Sign me up…

    kidding, of course.

    globalizati and David, when will you guys admit that you are part of a vast liberal conspiracy at HU?? I can think of upwards of SIX liberal individuals that I personally know on that campus. Clearly your little faction is growing at an alarming rate. I can see why the conservatives are feeling oppressed.

  6. S.C. Denney says:

    Now you know 7, assuming I wasn’t included in the original list.

  7. relyingonintellect says:

    See? You’re well on your way to becoming a left-wing monopoly.

  8. S.C. Denney says:

    Globalizati is a part of my godless, liberal faction, by the way.

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