Deep Existential Torment is Sexy

torment existential

More and more philosophy majors these days. This article proposes that, somewhat paradoxically, tougher economic times are pushing people to ever more general (and arguably less marketable) college majors. The first paragraph made me laugh, as they describe the oh-so-unexpected shift of a pre-med freshwoman to a pre-law senior. Must’ve been Organic Chem.

The money quote is at the end though:

Jenna Schaal-O’Connor, a 20-year-old sophomore who is majoring in cognitive science and linguistics, said philosophy had other perks. She said she found many male philosophy majors interesting and sensitive.

“That whole deep existential torment,” she said. “It’s good for getting girlfriends.”

3 Responses to Deep Existential Torment is Sexy

  1. Ian says:

    I can second that O-chem anxiety business. It’s what kicked me into the humanities. That and my natural abilities overcoming my heart’s desire to be a doctor… O o-chem, you harsh mistress.

  2. Bob the Chef says:

    Nietzsche would have scoffed at this phenomenon, and pointed to the death of God and the resulting nihilistic void as the source of the pathetic behavior described. Most of those who enter philosophy do so because they fail to live, and so retract into the world of ideas. They attempt to compensate for their inertness in the world with an imaginary realm that offers some modicum of comfort, and insulation from the realization that one truly is as wretched of an excrement like the rest of his kin.

  3. PhilosophicalInquirer says:

    Who cares what Nietzsche would have thought about this phenomenon. What was he, the foremost authority on philosophy? I appreciate Nietzsche inquiring contribution to philosophy, but he was wrong in more ways than one.

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