Top 10 Creationist Studies of All Time


9 Responses to Top 10 Creationist Studies of All Time

  1. Creationists reminds me of conspiracy theorists. They use circular arguments that don’t ever allow any outside evidence to come in and they would never change their minds.

  2. S.C. Denney says:

    It took me a second, but I got it.

  3. S.C. Denney says:

    By the by, I am not a bloody hamster.

  4. globalizati says:

    Denney–you’re here, aren’t you?

  5. globalizati says:

    And oh yeah, I just remembered to add the link. I guess it makes more sense now.

  6. S.C. Denney says:

    lol! I thought this was an insidious joke against creationist. But there really is a top 10 list. God help us.

  7. globalizati says:

    Denney.. in case you didn’t notice, the list itself is an insidious joke…

  8. Hmmm, I too thought that it was a sarcastic one-word commentary on the pseudo-scientific nature of creation science.

    But now that you added the link, it’s still pretty funny. Still sarcastic. More than one word, though.

  9. S.C. Denney says:

    No, say it ain’t so!

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