How to Really Be Sure If You Have AIDS

Here’s this week’s roundup of off-the wall searches that brought people to my blog:

10) trids

Well, it is a good joke.

9) “is sam harris jewish”


8) ben stiller nose job


7) put God on trial

If that’s an imperative, it’s a little strong.

6) prophecies regarding croatia

Um.. scary.. I’ll have to look into this one.

5) kosovars idolize bush and america

4) trojan condom

Is someone shopping? Well you can buy condoms online. Enjoy.

3) trojan condom + pig

2) a cat and dog reproduce together

Now that’s just sick.

1) How to really be sure if you have aids

We can test for these things you know. Um… go to your doctor. Now.

One Response to How to Really Be Sure If You Have AIDS

  1. fairlane says:

    They are working on an enzyme that removes the AIDS virus from cells.;_ylt=AvV3uZHh5CyPZZkjs3UPh6Ba24cA

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