Bush Reinvents “Progress”

CNN has a piece on the 4-year anniversary of the war.

There are some real darling quotes in there. Like this:

“There’s been good progress.”

Am I missing something?

“If American forces were to step back from Baghdad, before it is more secure, a contagion of violence could spill out across the entire country,” Bush said. “In time this violence could engulf the region.”

This is true. But is Bush offering a legitimate option for creating a lasting peace? It seems not.

But, in case all the sectarian violence has you feeling gloomy, we’re going to have a hanging pretty soon. Should be a good one.

2 Responses to Bush Reinvents “Progress”

  1. I think the main thing that I’m worried about is that if we leave now, we’ll be admitting defeat. :-P

  2. Jimmy Shaw says:

    Maybe Bush believes that Iraq is a bit like the beat up car which is so wretched looking all you can see is the rust. The President reassures us, “But the rust is what’s holding it together.”

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