He’s Dead.

The blogosphere is raging with the news of Saddam Hussein’s death.  A sampling of the fascinating reactions:

CNN says yep, he’s dead, and describes celebrations around the body.

Brian says the death should not be celebrated because the act of invading a country, deposing its leader, and executing him sets a terrible precedent.

Qur’an Bible says Saddam was murdered, that he did nothing wrong (the gassing of the Kurds was all by the Iranians evidently) and Bush has killed over a million people.

Our Descent Into Madness says we shouldn’t celebrate, because all killing is bad.

BaldJim talks about finding a Biblical response to Saddam’s execution.

Soul Blossom doesn’t think it’s a good thing because it won’t help the situation in Iraq.

My Errant Mind had the special gift of having Saddam executed on his birthday.

Tim Morrison celebrates the justice of the hanging.

Uncommon Misconceptions describes the execution as a huge psychic relief for the Iraqi people.

Blogue North talks about how the trial was flawed.

The Renaissance Man probably has the best insight of them all: “Saddam’s hanging will be used to each side’s purpose with disregard to what may or may not have been the truth.”

One Response to He’s Dead.

  1. quirksalight says:

    The truth in The Renaissance Man’s response is crystal clear in the current pathology of “newspeak”…..

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