What is Beauty?

The evolution of a woman (short and worth your time):

So, what is beauty?

(h/t Paul Kurtz)

Update: Italy passes law to fatten up models (sort of).

7 Responses to What is Beauty?

  1. euny says:

    WOW! YES! Thanks. No wonder. Why is it, eh? Surely humans, like real ones, would be the natural thing to find beautiful… who knows. Good video.

  2. Darmok says:

    Wow, that is remarkable. Though she was pretty to begin with.

    I wonder how much “photoshopping” is done on those sorts of advertisements.

  3. euny says:

    Yes, sadly true. Eek, though, you wanna call thin forms “idealized” ones? Small point, I know. I’m a stickler. Very interesting, important to have these things shown, I like it. It is interesting though, that whilst a fascination with athleticism would imply uber health, a lot of what has been glorified is not strength or health. I saw a statistic that if a real woman had the BMI of the average shop mannequin, then she would have stopped menstruating from malnutrition (the article finished wth the beautiful line “let’s start seeing mannequins for what they are, MODELS OF PEOPLE WHO ARE DYING”). Something my fitness guru stepdad always says about the new “Charlie’s Angels” films and other such things is that there is no way girls of that size could exhibit such strength.

    Anyhoo. Yes. Silly culture of ours. Human bodies are beautiful..

  4. euny says:

    Quite right. Anorexia = poo

  5. lightcontrast says:

    I have a link to that video in the comments of one of my posts. Amazing what makeup and artists can do, isn’t it? Girls I’ve known have put on so much powder to hide their acne, but acne was never a big problem for me.

  6. dlatman says:

    Hi, check out this other video on YouTube that explores the effects of white beauty images on young black women: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17fEy0q6yqc

  7. yogaguide says:

    Why even start with a human model? I mean, the manipulation is so easy, so drastic, they could start with almost any photo readily available and mold it into “the unideal” (nods to euny).

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