Is Sam Harris Jewish?

It seems that a significant number of people end up at my blog after asking that question (at least a few dozen a week). For some reason, when you Google that question, my blog is in the top 10. I’m not sure why someone would care if a certain famous atheist is Jewish or not (maybe it has to do with all those entertaining world conspirarcy theories), but judge for yourself:


Sorry, but I just don’t see it. However, he does look a lot like Ben Stiller:


(I think Ben Stiller simply got a nose job to cover up the fact that he’s really a raving atheist.)

On another note, I read in this piece called “The Grinch Delusion” that Sam Harris’s mother is actually Jewish, while his father is a Quaker. I guess that makes him a Quewish Jaker atheist. And since, according to Judaism 101’s “Who is a Jew?” section, a Jew is anybody whose mother was a Jew, then yes, Sam Harris is Jewish.

And (according to The Grinch Delusion, linked above) Harris actually has a Christmas tree in his house (his wife made him get it). But neither he nor Richard Dawkins are uncomfortable with saying things such as “Merry Christmas” because the holiday has become so thoroughly secularized and commercialized that it’s obviously not about Jesus anymore. Eat your heart out, Bill O’Reilly.

One Response to Is Sam Harris Jewish?

  1. anxiousmofo says:

    Apparently, Daniel Dennett, Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris all had Christmas trees last year.

    To judge by some of Sam Harris’ positive comments on Buddhism, he may even be a Jewish Buddhist Quaker atheist, or a Jew-Bu-Quakeist for short.

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