Cutting Edge Movie


If you haven’t seen previews yet (or posters like this), a movie called Blood Diamond is coming out soon. Alberto over at GlobaLab brought my attention to an interesting controversy.

Apparently, the diamond industry claims the movie, which is set in Sierra Leone in the 90s, paints a dirty picture of a global industry that has really cleaned up their act. So they (the miners & distributors) set up a website to espouse their point of view: Diamond Facts.

However, Global Witness, the non-governmental organization that does the most to research and disseminate information about the origin of ‘conflict diamonds’ (which is an understandaby difficult, dangerous task) disagrees. Global Witness, along with Amnesty International and Warner Brothers (which is distributing Blood Diamond) have teamed up to make Blood Diamond Action, a website which counters the industry’s claims.

Call me a pessimist (or a realist), but when it comes to politics in the developing world, the dirtier answer is usually correct.

3 Responses to Cutting Edge Movie

  1. I’d include the developed world too…

  2. lightcontrast says:

    This reminds me of a movie I saw recently, The Constant Gardener. The main character was played by Liam Neeson. It was set in Africa, I forget where exactly.

    If I’d call you either of those names, I’d call you a realist. Pessimists don’t have much sense, they whine and sulk for no good reason.


  3. yhurg says:

    Movies seldom depict the reality of a situation because they are products of creator views and interests which are complete with presupposition to a particular agenda or message and not always subject to facts with no angle. Packaged into entertainment, hollywood films influence impressionable minds seeking rebellion more so than resolution.

    This is not to state that Global Witness and Amnesty Int’l are not exposing actual circumstances, but weighed against industry claims it seems that these organizations might be dramatizing the negative aspects to the industry vs. reflecting them at their true levels.

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