Octopi: The Einsteins of the Invertebrate World

Biology Seminar isn’t always the most interesting time of the week, but here are some tidbits I learned today that are truly amazing that will make your tentacles squirm with amazement.
First, an octopus can be very smart- it can learn behavior through conditioning similarly to a dog. Also, an octopus can see another octopus do something and then do the same behavior.

Octopi also have “camera eyes” similar to our own (though, since they’re invertebrates they evolved them separately). Octopi eyes receive light through a lens, but they lack an optic chiasma (i.e., the pictures are not reversed) as well as rods and cones (so they can’t see color, just light/dark).

And the coolest thing of all is this video (less than 1 minute long). An octopus can change its color and tint to mimic its surroundings, as well as changing the texture and shape of its skin to blend in to avoid predators.

I have now officially worked out my nerdy urges for the day.

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